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The Broken Heart is Reversible

"My mother was a very healthy nonsmoker and marathon runner. I lost her and my brother three days apart. My mother had a fatal heart attack three days after discovering my brother was fatally poisoned. Her cardiologist explained my mother died of a broken heart."

"My dog died on a Saturday, and the next Monday, I was admitted to the hospital…

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Heart Failure Treatment is a Tailored Approach

Close to six million Americans carry the diagnosis of heart failure.

Heart failure also is the leading cause of all hospitalizations in individuals over the age of 64. Additionally, once hospitalized for heart failure, the patient carries a 30 percent risk of being readmitted with heart failure in the next 30 days.

Can these admissions…

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Cardiologist explains the symptoms of holiday heart

By Dr. Afroze Ahmad, Las Sendas Cardiology, P.C.

"So, where were you last weekend, Luke? I thought we will have an encore of our New Year’s Eve bash," said Eric.

"Oh, no. I have washed my hands of those binge drinking episodes," replied Luke.

"Really?" Eric asked the question more with…

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Meet a Doctor Who Listens

By AnnElise Makin

When the doctor is in, this cardiologist is all there.

Time is of essence for Dr. Afroze Ahmad. Not in the rush-rush sense, but as in dedicating enough time to a patient. Over the years, she has developed a keen ear for matters of the heart.

"We have to take better care of cardiology patients," Dr.…

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