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Exercise Treadmill Stress Test

How do I prepare for it?

The day of your test

Please do not:

Please do:

Description of the stress test:

You will register, you will be asked to sign a consent form and then EKG strips will be applied to your chest wall.

You will then undergo a stress test under your the supervision of your cardiologist. Your EKG, BP and heart rate will be monitored during the stress test.

Initially, You will walk slowly on the treadmill. Subsequently, the speed and incline would be increased as tolerated by you. The stress test can be stopped at anytime by the doctor if needed.

Medication instructions to be taken before and after the stress test will be given to you by your cardiologist.

When do I obtain my results?

All patients are expected to return to follow-up on test results. Your cardiologist will discuss the results with you in great detail with the aid of diagrams and images. Your questions and concerns will be answered as well. For your safety and privacy results are given in person and not over the phone.


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