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Las Sendas Cardiology, PC Increases Expectations of Heart Health

By AnnElise Makin

Dr. Afroze Ahmad and her Las Sendas Cardiology, PC clinic staff recently celebrated their open house and cheerfully mingled with guests at the cardio clinic, located at 3514 N. Power Road, Suite 107.

The clinic, which fills a significant medical specialty gap in this area, came not a day too soon for one patient. "On our first day of business, we detected serious atrial fibrillation on a woman's EKG," Dr. Ahmad stated. This acute case immediately was referred to the emergency department for angiography.

Luckily, not all cardiac symptoms require such drastic intervention. To the contrary, many emergencies can be prevented, this cardiologist believes.

"Our start was very good," Dr. Ahmad said. "We were approved by the Arizona Health Department as a treatment facility, but even before that, patients had been calling us." These patients had heard about the clinic's thorough integrative approach.

"We believe in engaging the patient as a whole person," Dr. Ahmad expressed in her mission statement. "That is why we go beyond the state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and prescribing. We assess all contributing factors to behavior modification and wellness."

Dr. Ahmad wants her cardiology patients to become stewards of their own well-being. This requires time, an open ear, as well as an analytical mind, regarding a broad spectrum of life situations. Aside from profound expertise, Dr. Ahmad also invests her empathy in each person.

"We want every patient to feel the best way possible," Medical Assistant and Office Manager MiShelle DeMoss confirmed. She recently moved for her new job to this area from Parker's Southwest Cardiovascular Center.

MiShelle accepted the position with Dr. Ahmad because she shared the same vision of qualitative patient care. She coordinates appointments, takes vital signs, compiles and updates patient charts, and also calibrates her listening to significant details in each patient history.

Sharon Lang is the medical sonographer at Las Sendas Cardiology, PC. "I worked with Dr. Ahmad five years ago. When she called me, I was thinking about a professional change. So, I said I would help her." Sharon brings her sonographic services to the clinic twice a week.

"Dr. Ahmad is a very kind, sharp and compassionate doctor, a very special lady," Sharon commented. "I provide the cardiac, as well as vascular diagnostics. From the images, Dr. Ahmad establishes how well the heart is pumping or whether there are valvular pathologies or coronary diseases."

"She had always wanted to be a doctor," said Principal of Self Development Charter School Anjum Majeed who also is Dr. Ahmad’s big sister. "Now, she has been in medical service for more than 27 years. I encouraged her to open the cardiology practice because she has a special gift for healing.”

Listening is an art Las Sendas Cardiology, PC promises to pursue. The work-up takes into consideration numerous small details, which might be missed otherwise. Dr. Ahmad knows exactly how to ask these questions.

"As many as 30 percent of people don't have a good alarm system for heart trouble," Dr. Ahmad explained. "A total of one-third may have the classical symptoms like an elephant sitting on their chest, but there also are more subtle chest pains, breaking out in a sweat, or even elbow pain."

Many times, a patient is not even aware a symptom may be related to the heart. Dr. Ahmad can provide high certainty about each patient's health status and a significant improvement in well-being and confidence.

Las Sendas Cardiology, PC provides state-of-the-art cardiology diagnostic and treatment services.

The practice especially focuses on the interest areas of depression and heart disease; home environment and congestive heart failure; high blood pressure and environmental factors; family risks and stroke; and heart care for women.

Dr. Ahmad holds numerous board certifications, including certifications from the American Board of Internal Medicine, the American Board of Cardiovascular Disease, the National Board of Echocardiography and the American Society of Nuclear Medicine.

To find out more about Las Sendas Cardiology, PC, or to make an appointment, call (480) 361-9949, or visit the clinic, at 3514 N. Power Road, Suite 107, located on the southwest corner of Power and Thomas roads. Weekday hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and by appointment on weekends.

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